Friday, July 4, 2014

Le Métier de Beauté Culte du Solaire Kaleidoscope Face Kit

Le Métier de Beauté's Culte du Solaire Kaleidoscope Face Kit is drop-dead gorgeous. It showed up via UPS yesterday, and I had no idea why. I had to write the president - who kindly answered me on a holiday - to find out it was the last part of the subscription series I had purchased last December. I am beyond delighted. I'm nearly breathless.

I have no information on the colors, like names and descriptions, but my eyes told me they are exquisite. They are intended to be eye shadows, highlighters, bronzers, and/or blushes.

I took swatch photos so that we could admire them together. I used a sponge-tipped applicator, applied the shades heavily, and took the photos in the early afternoon.

I started swatching at the top pull-out drawer. The deep rose gold made my heart skip a beat. The bronze below it is also exciting. It offers a beautiful gleam to my eyelids, and I like it as a bronzer too.

The coral/apricot shade must be intended to be a blush, but I can see how I could use it lightly on my eyelids. The color leaps off my skin, leaving a lasting impression in my brain. I would really love to have all three of these shades in a vat, please.

The last color is cinnamon. I'm not sure how it is intended to be used. I would guess as an eyeliner or contour shade, but applied lightly it could also serve as a bronzer, particularly for those with darker skin tones. I don't like the spice cinnamon; it makes me gag. It's weird, but even the look of cinnamon leaves me a bit squeamish. I have played with it, applying it properly and lightly, and have sees how I can best use it: on my eyes as a crease shade. It looks wildly better than my swatch above. It definitely has red in it, but it's a color I can neutralize with another shade.

This Culte du Solaire Face Kaleidoscope has me doing mental cartwheels (I can't do physical ones anymore - which is another story). I hope that Le Métier de Beauté will reconsider its exclusivity to the subscription program and make it available at Neiman Marcus counters. Everyone needs one of these Kaleidoscopes. If you feel the same way, please leave a comment, and I will forward your requests to the company. I think this beauty deserves a campaign.

Update 7/8: Today, I received an e-mail with recommendations for use of Culte du Solaire. Here are the instructions, basically unedited.

Top Tier: "Dune" (Best tool - The Kabuki Brush)
- A neutral bronzer, the color of sand, this hue can be used to diffuse any redness on the skin. On deeper tans, use as highlighter to bring radiance.

Apply liberally over complexion to enhance radiance or create a subtle glow. Also, this is a very pretty highlighter for the highest points of the face (temples, cheekbones and for under the eyebrow) as well as for contouring along the jaw, nose, and chin.

2nd Tier: "Solaire" (Best tool - The Kabuki Brush or Blush Brush)
- A golden highlighter to brighten a burgeoning tan, add warmth and enhance a summer glow. Perfect for diminishing any tonal dullness on the skin.

Apply over existing blush color, or simply to bring radiance to natural cheeks. The formula is gorgeous to use as an eye shadow and works beautifully as an all over golden highlighter.

3rd Tier: "Horizon" (Best tool - The Blush Brush or Kabuki Brush)
- A modern take on summer blush color. Vibrant in tone, but soft and natural on the skin. The hue is a warm coral, with a golden undertone.

The most fashionable application for a modern appearance is to gently place the color on the highest point of your cheekbones to create the optical illusion of a lifted complexion.

Bottom Tier: "Umbra" (Best tool - The Kabuki Brush)
- A deep bronzer with coral undertones to mimic the effects of a natural sun-tan.

Begin by lightly applying around the perimeters of the face (the temples, above the cheeks, and under the jaw. When this is completed, apply the remainder on the brush liberally over the entire complexion to deepen a natural tan. 

Photos by Best Things in Beauty


Sara said...

This is absolutely gorgeous! It's too bad that it is only available via the subscription service- I did not sign up for this subscription because I am already receiving products from the year long program which I have actually enjoyed very much. That rose gold shade is my favorite!

kellinicole86 said...

Wow, that is gorgeous. If you ever get info on what the colors would be used for, I'd love to know. And I would def. purchase if it was offered at a counter. Here's hoping LMdB gets their act together soon, I used to love them but have been kind of meh about them lately. Haven't bought anything from them in a year.

Rachel Liane said...

I too had trouble figuring out what to do with that cinnamon color. I haven't really used it yet. I instead used the top, rose gold color as a bronzer, the second, golden color lightly as a highlighter and then of course the peach as a blush. I haven't really played with them on eyes yet, but I do like using them as a face palette.

Lola's Secret Beauty BLog said...

What beautiful beautiful colors, indeed! What a lovely surprise! Happy 4th of July, CG!

. : * justine * : . said...

Ah I would love to see this as part of the regular line! I wanted to sign up for the subscription program this year AND last year but they don't offer it to Canada.

Annie M said...

Happy 4th to you Charleston Girl! These are indeed lovely shades - I was really tickled to see a Kaleidoscope in which I could see use for ALL of the shades and not just a couple of them. You sure were fortunate to score one of these beauties! Hope you enjoy your weekend!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is beautiful. I'd purchase it if it were available.. I have resubscribed to their annual program, I really love their products!

Anonymous said...

That palette is gorgeous! Being a medium/dark skin tone I can use every one of those colors and would buy it the moment it hit the shelves!

kar120c said...

I would absolutely love to have this Face Kit. The colors and pigmentation are exceptional. Please put in a good word for me!

Ava Smith said...

Happy Independence Day, CG! What a beaqutiful kaleidoscope! LMdB really should it make part of their permanent collection. I was going to go straight to the site to buy one until I read that it's exclusive. I liked the original Flawless Face kit - they were perfect for travel and busy days, and I went through two of them. The current one is pretty colorless. I still don't understand why they don't make the kaleidoscopes customizable. The barrels are perfect for that. They tried it online for a while, but it's too hard to assess colors online. Wish I could make their business decisions…

Icedcaramellatte said...

This set looks perfect for my first Kaleidoscope.

Nemo said...

I am afraid that LMDB is a thing of the past for me, sadly. Last night I ordered all 9 of the new CHANEL Les 4 Ombres eye shadow quads & all 4 of the new waterproof eyeliner pencils. I ordered them as soon as they were made available online.

VancouverChic said...

Wow - an absolutely beautiful kit of colors. Thanks so much for doing the swatches. I can see these colors on my green eyes. Please do let the company know that Canadians would love to have this product available to them also!

Best Regards,
Joanne ~ VancouverChic

Melissa said...

As excited as I am to receive this kaleidoscope (it should arrive sometime mid-to-late next week, sigh), like some of your other readers I have become rather disillusioned with LMdB. Don't get me wrong, I love their products and have spent quite a pretty penny on their products, signed up for their VIP box and their K-scope subscriptions in the past, I am at the point where I am just about done with them.

One of the biggest draws of this brand to me was how accessible they were - from their open, cheerful and helpful customer service staffers to how easy it was to reach them on Facebook, I loved that if I had an issue or just wanted to ask a question, they were always happy to help. Now, we are lucky to even get a proactive update on when our monthly either VIP box or k-scope will be shipping out. I've even sent a few messages (email, Facebook message, Facebook post) over the course of the past 4-5 months which were completely ignored. Not even a "Sorry, we can't release a sneak peek," or "No, there's none available." That really turns me off. I understand that, with financial issues, companies tend to downsize and thus have less people to answer emails, but yeesh, if I am going to spend $350 again on a mystery subscription I'd at least like a response every now and then. Or, if my box is going to be way later than it used to be, at least let me know. Now, my complaints in no way reflect on my wonderful SA at the Beverly Hills Neiman Marcus. At all. Scotty is amazing. (I just won't be renewing my VIP subscription.)

I used to be an ardent supporter/promoter of this brand, but I just can't do it anymore. My niche love is probably going to go to Rouge Bunny Rouge, whom I just discovered was on

I apologize, CG, for my novel of a rant in your comments. I absolutely love the look and swatches of this kaleidoscope, and completely agree that this beauty should be in wide circulation. I want to love LMdB again, but they just aren't making it easy for me.

(By the way, has all of the new quads here: )

Brittanie Desroches said...

This is gorgeous! I would love to be able to purchase this at a counter!

Charleston Girl said...

Everyone, Melissa prompted me to write this, but I know there are a lot of you who feel the same way she does. (BTW, thanks for the link; I had looked at Chanel and didn't find it).

As some of you know, LMdB filed for Chapter 11 in February. That does NOT mean you are out of money. It means you need to reorganize. I know why that was the case, but I am not at liberty to tell you. I do honor commitments. I can assure you that things should get back on track.

From February until May, the company was fairly hamstrung on doing new things. Additionally, the in-office staff, for some reason - related or not I do not know - has shrunk to a very small core staff. Basically, I have to conclude there was no one home to answer your inquiries. I got answers because I wrote the president (an honor of being a blogger and an ardent fan).

Like some of you, I hope LMdB will revamp quickly and get their game back. From what I have heard, that's going to happen. If you know about starting new companies and growing quickly, you know, I'm sure, that there will be a rough patch or two. LMdB hit theirs late last year and had to go to court to get out of a situation that was hampering their operations and growth.

I have been told what is on the way to the counters soon, and I am excited. My favorite LMdB artist, Michael, will be designing a couple of new Ks, and his Ks are always spectacular.

I plan to give them another chance. That's why I just wrote more than I am comfortable publicizing. I think well-informed customers can make good decisions.

Charleston Girl said...

Ava, they used to have a K that you could customize. It was brought out by Lisa, if you recall, for special events. Let's ask LMdB if we can have it back!

Shannon said...

I would buy that! It's really beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Yep. To those new chanel shadows. I want the purple n pink set. They are only on Chanel online now but the boutique sells them. I will test tomorrow. This will be my first chanel quad in 20+ years. I am particular. My first duo was purple n pink from them when it was 30+ years ago.

I just realized Tom Ford just raised its prices.

Le Metier is just too expensive for me even if there is a lot to the packaging. I like variety and quality...

CJB said...

please add me to the list..this is a must have..thank you..

*JW* said...

Please pass along my request to be able to purchase this must-have at Neiman Marcus. I got the email about how to use also, but not how to buy! THANKS, Judy